Marina Milá tells us about the Lula lamp

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Lula, designed by Marina Milá, is one of the new proposals of Faro Barcelona for 2014. A creation that perfectly represents the philosophy of the brand: “simple but ingenious ideas”.


– Lula is one of the creations that best represents the philosophy of Faro: bring the design closer, make it more accessible and impact with simple but ingenious ideas. How did the idea come about?
Lula starts from two geometric figures, a cylinder suspended inside a rectangular structure. I had in mind to make something singular, light and elegant.

lampara-de-diseño-lula-creada-por-marina-mila– How would you define Lula?
Lula is an element taken to its maximum simplicity. Achieving a balance between its shape and its function. It is pure simplicity. You could say that during the day it is a decorative object with a sculptural air and at night a subtle tabletop lamp.

– It is a design that thrills by the beauty of its simplicity. Tell us, how do you see it?
I simply like it. As the design of the product has a slow process, I have had time to observe it and I still love it just like the first day, I think that is a good thing, I wouldn’t add anything or take anything out.

– Tell us how the creative process was.
I wanted to play with two volumes, creating empty spaces and filled ones according to the perspective, using two materials, one translucent such as the fabric for its clarity, purity and feeling of lightness and the other metal, as a solid and opaque structure to give stability to the piece. Given that one of my priorities was to prevent it from dazzling.

– Tell us a little about your beginnings and career.
After studying Product Design for four years in EINA, I decided to start creating on my own, I have always liked to draw, when I have an idea, I try to capture it in my notebook to not forget and little by little I go perfecting it, until I can carry it out. The truth is that I have a few designs on the market but I hope to continue designing.

– What does design mean to you? Have you had it deeply rooted in the family?
For me, to make a good design is to create or adapt elements so as to facilitate, improve and make life more pleasant for people.
Yes, my grandfather was a mechanical engineer and in turn a great industrial designer. In 1968 he created a company of good designs, Polinax, which subsequently became Dae. Companies in which my father worked, from whom I learned many things about good design and its production.

– What has it meant for you to have in the family a designer so well known as your grandfather Leopoldo Milà?
I guess that subconsciously that would have influenced a lot in my life. Most of his designs have been and are very good. It is in plain sight! Even today we continue to enjoy them.
A design is good when it lasts. He got that, something that most designers want to achieve, that their designs were timeless and perfectly adapt themselves to our needs, something transcendental.

– What do you need to get inspired and create? Music, books, movies, silence…
A pencil, observe and above all, silence.

– What do you propose to Faro? What are your next goals?
I propose to Faro being open to new ideas because life spins very fast.

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