Lamps made in Spain

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Faro Barcelona bets on the Design Made in Spain. Some of Faro’s luminaries are produced here because of the necessary technique to carry it out, to reduce emissions and consumption in transport and because they maintain the essence of the culture of the work done by hand.

HOOK is a portable lamp designed under strict eco-design protocols created by OiKo Design Office. This luminaire is defined by being produced with recycled plugs and also it can be recycled in its entirety. It is PVC-free.

HOOK is made in Spain which means that the cost and the emissions of the transport are smaller, fact that highlights the purpose of HOOK that is to reduce between 30 and 70% the emissions of its production when compared to others not eco-designed lamps.

Another model of Faro Barcelona that is made entirely in Spain is 1968. This design reinterprets the first televisions that arose in the 60’s and is the work of the designer Jordi Busquets.

The process is completely handmade, since the wood is folded and assembled in a workshop in the province of Barcelona and the assembly of the lighting source is carried out in our own facilities by the production team.

Finally, SAIGON. This family of outdoor lighting designed by Nahtrang is manufactured in Spain through the rotomolding technique. This technique allows the creation of wide diffusers with a minimum connection bond, so that the light is not affected by shadows or seams.

Its shade distinguishes these luminaries and gives an original touch perfect to illuminate the garden or the terrace.

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