Lights, Reforms and Action

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Summer gives us the tranquility that allows us to face new challenges. The reforms are supposed to give a new air to your home but we must plan it thoroughly to meet all our needs.

To bring about a change in our home we must take into account two factors: the amount of sunlight that the room receives and which rooms or areas needs a change.

Nowadays energy saving is important and since we are considering changes we can think of the possibility of double glazing to the window to retain heat or cold or efficient systems of refrigeration or heating such as, for example, fans in areas with more use. Not only will they serve to refresh you in summer, but in winter they can help us to circulate the hot air and distribute it much better with less energetic cost.

Also, we must think about general lighting. LED has become the great ally of homes and its color temperature can help us delimit an area. In work areas, we will use natural light LED (4000K) while in areas where we want to evoke peace and relaxation we will use 2700-3000K LEDs.

In the kitchen, living room and hallway we use recessed lights to allow us to have a homogeneous light and do not hinder the passage. A good option are the appliques, these are decorative as well as practical.

Decorative or ambient light, given by tables lamps, floor lamp or wall lamps with the dirigible beam will give us versatility because when we want a more intimate environment we can change the lighting and leave only the warm and dim light.

In the dining room we can choose a pendant for the table or a floor lamp that will give an original touch. This type of lighting allows you to focus the light and create a perfect atmosphere for dinners and meals.

lamparas de pie-salon
Two of the rooms that are most modified and renovated are the bathroom and the kitchen. If you want to see an example of lighted kitchens with Faro lamps click here.

In the bathroom, we must take into account the index of protection of the luminaires. The contact with the steam can damage them, therefore, they must be special luminaires for this type of stays.
More information on how to light the bathroom.


Finally, for the bedroom we must think about the different areas and uses. In the dressing room, the LED strips are ideal for camouflaging them and obtaining a fully integrated illumination.

Next to the bed, we can think of original and different lighting. SIDE can be a great solution.

In the toilet, we can use lights that frame the mirror, this will facilitate the vision when we need to put on makeup or in the morning grooming.

If we have study area, a table lamp with regulation of the amount of light and color will help us to concentrate and avoid visual fatigue.

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