LED for outdoor lighting, from the general to the signpost

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The outdoor LED lighting opens a wide range of possibilities in general lighting and signposting. We have two key advantages of LED lighting. On the one hand, the considerable savings in both energy bills and maintenance costs: reduce spending between 70 and 80% of the incandescent light bulbs and have a useful lifetime of about 50.000 hours. On the other hand, the LED lighting provides qualitative advantages, with a brighter and pleasant light.

Faro Barcelona wants to show you some of these products, which will help you to light outdoor spaces, such as terraces and gardens in an efficient way. Our selection of LED lamps will allow you to light both general areas with SENTINEL or YAK; for signposting spaces we present you CODE or PROA, all extracted from the catalog THE COLLECTION.

SENTINEL by Estudi Ribaudí


SENTINEL-detalleSENTINEL is born of an exercise of synthesis of the shape, the result provides us with a collection of soft shapes with real personality. This wall lamp with LED technology will facilitate the outdoor lighting with much style, but always without forgetting the efficiency.

More info about SENTINEL.

YAK by Manel Lluscà


YAK-LED-detalleYAK seeks to minimize the space and to get new non-conventional forms through the use of LED technology. The simplicity of lines, the intersection of volumes and the roundness of the edges gently caress the space that surrounds it. In addition, the long life of their LED luminaires will make you have no maintenance worries.

More info about YAK.

CODE by Estudi Ribaudí


CODE-LED-detalleCODE is an eclipse of light, a path of concentric circles that accompany us in an almost imperceptible way. CODE is perfect for signposting spaces in a functional manner, with a modern and attractive design. Both the body and the diffuser are made from PMMA.

More info about CODE.

PROA by Manel Lluscà


PROA-LED-detallePROA is a modern, compact design in die casting aluminium for a wall fixture intended for signposting.

More info about PROA.

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