Table Lamps: Style and functionality in a purest form

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It would be hard to find a more multi-purpose, functional and decorative element for the home than table lamps. Whether on a side table, a shelf, a console table, a bar, a credenza or a desk, table lamps contribute equally to the decoration and lighting of any room.


On the one hand, table lamps are ideal for accent lighting or to fill darker areas with light. Thanks to a large variety of available shades and light sources, we can always find one that perfectly matches our needs: from a warm, cosy light for more intimate and peaceful spaces to a more technical and powerful table lamp for a desk, for instance.


What’s more, a table lamp is a decorative element with undeniable aesthetic value. Personality, distinction, elegance and originality are the attributes of a true “must have” that invites us to unleash our creative freedom and imagination to complement the overall style of each space. With classic and conservative lamps or more daring and ground-breaking models, anything goes!

We can find classic cut, state-of-the-art, retro, baroque, colourist and pop models on the market. At Faro Barcelona, we have a wide range of table lamps with multiple styling possibilities. Different design concepts, materials and technology to constantly reinvent the table lamp and adapt it to each buyer’s tastes and needs. A design piece that shines with its own light, an element that contributes to comfort and presides over the most loved corners of the home.

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