Choose The Best Light for The Summer Nights

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Tips for Enjoying Gardens and Terraces to the Fullest when the Sun Goes Down

If there were such a thing as a truly magical moment, it would definitely be a summer sunset. With the arrival of the cool temperatures after a hot day, the sunset marks the moment to relax and enjoy, to eat and engage in conversations with friends, or to read peacefully until it is time to go to bed. No rush, no stress.

iluminacion ambiental con portatil cat

And if the sunset were the moment, outside would be the place to be. Terraces, balconies, gardens and porches take on a whole new life when night falls, lamps are switched on and candles are lit. The private outdoor facilities, or those offered by hotels and restaurants, are places with endless possibilities. Meticulously studying their distribution, decorating them with love, and carefully planning their lighting, we can create really enjoyable and functional places, packed with style. To achieve that, all we need to do is consider some tips:

iluminacion con proyectores y apliquesFirst, we need to identify the different functional areas, and light them individually. Access points, pathways, gathering areas, work areas and decorative areas. Each space will have individual needs and will require specific lamps: for access points, direct lighting provided by sconces or spotlights; for pathways, wall or floor recessed lamps or beacons; more potent lights pointed at work areas such as tables and barbecue grills…

Second, there is also the need for sufficient ambiance lighting, though not too bright, to unify the space as a whole and to avoid excessively dark areas. This lighting should be soft and warm, to contribute to the casual, relaxed, appealing and magical vibe of a nice summer deck. For this purpose, the perfect lighting can be created using suspended lamps, sconces or even portable lamps that would add a fun touch to the area.


Finally, it is essential to choose outdoor LED lights with the appropriate protection ratings. This way, we will guarantee their energy efficiency and their protection against solid objects, moisture and rainfall.

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2 Responses to Choose The Best Light for The Summer Nights

  1. Muchas gracias por vuestro artículo, recientemente me acabo de comprar una casa con un pequeño terreno y estoy mirando que tipo de iluminación instalar y gracias a vuestro blog he visto ideas muy interesantes. Estaba pensando en instalar bombillas inteligentes para que puede desde casa apagar las luces a través del altavoz inteligente. ¿Piensan que podría ser una buena idea? Muchas gracias.

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