The best lighting for reading

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Summer is coming to an end and the routine returns. To combat it, we suggest you resume a pleasant habit such as enjoy a good book in your reading corner. It is very important that you choose the correct lighting for reading, for this we present three solutions.

In the bedroom

SWEET White reading wall lamp with LED is perfect for reading in bedThe bed can become a place where you can venture into your latest book or where you can leisurely browse your favorite magazine. To do this, you must have adequate light to read without disturbing your partner who may want to rest.

The best lighting for reading in bed is provided by wall lamp with a built-in LED reader. They are highly decorative and practical solutions as you can choose general lighting for the room or spot lighting for reading.

In the living room

NEXO-lampara-de-pieFor those who prefer to enjoy a good book on their sofa or favorite armchair, we recommend using a floor lamp that incorporates readers to facilitate reading. It is ideal to have a corner in which to place these lamps as they occupy less space and are also aesthetic.

Also, they have a dual purpose as they provide general lighting and spot lighting with independent power systems.

In the library

MIX White shelf wall lamp
Those who love reading value having a well organized library where they can quickly find their books. To do so, we propose using lamps for shelves. In this way, you will give a touch of class to your library and it will be easier to enjoy your reading.

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