Lighting the storage areas in the kitchen

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A touch of light at certain key spots at the kitchen can truly make a difference. Thanks to light accentuation, using different types of light fixtures at shelves, drawers or kitchen cupboards, we can achieve some interesting visual effects to give the finishing touch to the kitchen lighting project. Flee from boredom and light up your kitchen.

Both for those who have a brand-new kitchen and those who are willing for a makeover -but with a tight budget-, lighting up the storage areas is a simple but effective method to give a distinguishing mark to the kitchen.


Depending on where we install the light fixtures, the whole of the kitchen will result even warmer and brighter. This way we can also accent the furnishing details or enlarge visually a small room with no need of building works. Options are endless for amazing your guests and, at the same time, getting a cosy and homey setting.

1) Kitchen shelves

We can light up kitchen shelves specifically in order to provide a touch of distinction and some additional light to the whole of the kitchen. How to proceed? Install little light fixtures or surface luminaires on the wall or on the storage shelves.

Don’t hide your household equipment: let everyone appreciate it displaying the items at the shelves. Light them up and transform your kitchen.

2) Kitchen cabinets

Thanks to the installation of some spotlights inside the kitchen cabinets, we will be able to find food items and objects on the inside more easily, especially at night.
For example, in this cabinet it has been installed a recessed LED-MINI lamp  with a modern design in metal, in conjunction with an accessory to transform it into an original surface luminaire.

Try to use the low part of the high cabinets placed over the kitchen counter to install light fixtures. You will work more safely and with accuracy in there thanks to lighting.

3) Kitchen drawers

In this case, the most efficient and recommended option is installing LED strip at the edge of the inside of the kitchen drawers. The installation with its integrated adhesive strip is very easy, achieving an attractive result.

These LED strips can be installed to light plinths and also the empty spaces at the highest areas of the kitchen, converted them into interesting light sources.

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3 Responses to Lighting the storage areas in the kitchen

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  2. Cristian says:

    En lugares como en la cocina se requiere una mejor iluminacion , para tambien darle un ambiente especial, contar con buenas estanterias para organizar y de paso decorar el lugar.

    Saludos Cordiales

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