Illuminate your home this fall and compensate for the daytime saving time clock change

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With the arrival of fall, the light starts to change and our homes need to maintain the warmth and comfort that light provides.

Lighting is an important element in decoration because it can help us bring a room to life, highlight its elements and even influence our mood while in that space. There are rooms in which we spend hours and others where we need a space that is ideal for working or studying.

We must ask ourselves, what kind of lighting is appropriate for each space? General lighting should be uniform and without shadows, lighting that is dim but intense enough to make up for the lack of natural light. Also, you will need to reinforce certain areas with focal or ambient lights, such as, for example, a table lamp in the living room or a foot lamp in a corner that is darker than the rest of the space.

Different lamps correctly combined can bring any room to life. The pendant lamps preside over the room, the floor lamps add flexibility and dynamism, given that they can be moved around to redecorate the space, and the wall lamps provide hints of indirect light and avoid over-illumination.

Each home will have specific needs, which is why we recommend you consider the kind of lamps and the temperature of the light you need, that way it will be easier for you to find the optimal lighting scheme for your home.

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