Ideas to light up the dining’s table

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Eating has become a multisensory experience and the light plays an essential role at the time of enjoying this activity. The taste and aroma mix together with the color and textures when it’s time to eat.

The table is a changing scenario, the service adjusts to the food and the light complements this scenography and beautifies it. The hanging lights allow us to give the room a different touch, it may be original or classic, a very warm light or another a little more natural, even its position and height regarding the table, might make the room look different.

In order to achieve the perfect match, we must have in mind the decoration style of the dining room to find the light that adjusts the best to this space.

The round or squared tables encourage to install lights of similar shapes and a little smaller in size. The light beam will hit the table and will create a delimited but well illuminated area, perfect to enjoy meals and dinners.

If the place is large, the lamps with multiple arms will help us give uniformity to the whole room, given that we can move the light beams and avoid leaving dark spots.

For oval or rectangle shaped tables, the right choice will be the rail hanging lights, the rectangle lamps or those that distribute the light along an single axis. With this type of lamps the light covers the space and allows expanding the table area to make the combination of the room as a whole.

An alternative is to place smaller lights lengthways, similar or different, to distinct heights, creating volume and perspective.

Definitely, hanging lights allow us to define the dining room’s area and at the same time to obtain the best scenario to enjoy our eating experience.

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