Lighting ideas for Christmas decoration

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With the Christmas holidays approaching, homes are specially decorated for the celebrations. Living rooms are usually the centre of activity and the highest expression of the Christmas special decorations. Tables, walls and corners look their best. Faro Barcelona would like to offer you a selection of our lamps, which will help decorate your special holiday evenings. So here are our lighting ideas for Christmas decoration.


For general lighting, one of our proposals is an elegant pendant lamp such as Magma, manufactured in white and silver fibre glass. Due to its design, it will combine with the most modern rooms that have minimal Christmas decorations. This pendant is sure to become the centre of attention during your most elegant dinners.

A portable table lamp is a solution to light specific areas, an element of Christmas decoration

If you wish to enhance a specific area of your house, we offer other lighting ideas that will help you in the Christmas special decoration, for example a hanging, table or a floor lamp. You will be able to light any corner, wall or table you want at all times.

To this end, we present you Hat. A desk lamp that will give you many options during the holidays. Because of its mobility, you will be able to use it to light and decorate in any place that interests you.



Integral lighting ideas
Another way to change the decoration at Christmas is acquainting your entire home with a series of lamps: pendant, wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps

Another possibility is a complete lighting set that will allow you to place lamps in different home environments. Our recommendation is Thana, a series with a modern aesthetic made of steel and textiles.

Thana’s pendant lamp, with its telescopic rods, will allow you to set it to the height you desire, to ligh your Christmas dinner. This way you can create more or less intimate environments.

The series also has hanging lamps, wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps for home lighting.

Faro Barcelona provide solutions which cater for all styles and needs, as well as other options for indoor lighting.

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  1. carnet carretillero says:

    Que ideas tan bonitas, y que importante es una buena iluminación.
    Gracias, felices fiestas

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