Synchronize the remote control in ceiling fans Faro Barcelona

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There are several types of ceiling fans and therefore the synchronization of the remote control and receiver may change. We have already talked about the CENTURY and TONIC models, so now we present the instructions of the models that are synchronized manually.

These instructions apply to the following models:


Follow these steps:

    1. Remove the fan from the power supply.
    2. Open the rosette and there you will find the receiver, a gray or black box similar to the one shown below.


  1. This receiver has small microswitches (1-2-3-4). Pick a code and put it. For example, one up, two down and the fourth up. Connect the fan to the mains.
  2. The same code you have put into the receiver you must put it on the remote control. You will find the microswitches (1-2-3-4) behind the battery cover. In some models, you will find a last micro-switch with a D. That means that the light can be regulated, but it must have an adjustable light bulb, if so put the micro-switch in the D, if it cannot be adjusted, the DIM option must deactivated in the opposite position.
  3. Once completed, execute an order. The fan shall follow the command given.codigos sincronizacion

If in the same room, or in different rooms, you have several fans, and you want to handle them independently, you must repeat the process mentioned above and change the code, for example, two up and two down, so the other fan does not follow the orders we have given to the one fan. In summary, each control kit of each fan should have a different combination if you want them to be independent and that the commands of one do not affect another and vice versa.

In contrast, if you want to operate multiple fans with the same controller, you must put the same combination of codes in the receivers of the selected fans. This combination should match the one you want to use. In this way, giving an order will affect all fans that share the code with the command given.


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2 Responses to Synchronize the remote control in ceiling fans Faro Barcelona

  1. Luis says:

    Me han instalado un ventilador de techo Faro Feroe 33600 y las aspas giran en sentido inverso. Cómo puedo cambiar el giro?


  2. Violeta says:

    he comprado un ventilador Easy, un Icaria y un mini Icaria. Muy buenos modelos.
    Pensaba que todos tenían mando con programación de apagado como el modelo Easy, pero no es así.
    ¿Puedo programar los modelos Icaria o mini Icaria con el mando de Easy para que se apague al cabo de unas horas?

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