How to synchronize CENTURY and TONIC fan

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The CENTURY (33554 -33553) and TONIC (33552) ceiling fans have a DC motor and their control kit requires a pre-synchronization before it can be used.

century y tonic ceiling fan
The process is fast and simple; once the installation is completed you just have to follow the instructions to achieve a successful operation.

1. Cut off the current from the fan for a minimum of 10 seconds.
2. Reconnect the current to the fan.
3. For 60 seconds after putting back the current, press and hold the “LIGHT ON/OFF” button.
NOTE: After connecting the power do not touch another button before pressing the “LIGHT ON/OFF” button. If you do so, the coding procedure could fail.
mando century-tonic
4. Once the recipient detects and accepts the frequency, the light kit of the fan (if installed) blinks a couple if times. If the coding kit is not installed, there wont be any coding indicator you should switch on the fan and check if the blades are turning.

5. Sender and recipient now work at the same time, they are coupled. After completing the steps below you should be able to use the fan and the kight kit of the same. If the fan is not responding to the command of the sender, please, cut again the current and repeat the process.

Once this is done, you can start operating the fan with the remote control. It may take a few seconds to respond, especially when raising and lowering speeds as the inertia of the blades makes the command to take a little longer to be made and visible.

In case the synchronization process has failed, please repeat all the above mentioned steps, starting by cutting off the fan current again.

ventilador CENTURY con motor DC
If several CENTURY or TONIC fans are installed in the same space, they must be individually synchronized – each fan with its control. It is not possible to share the control. To do this, you must cut off the current exclusively from the fan to be synchronized and follow the synchronization instructions.

NOTE: The power cut should never affect several fans at a time as this can cause problems and interference during the pairing process.

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3 Responses to How to synchronize CENTURY and TONIC fan

  1. Eymery says:

    bonjour, je viens d’acheter et d’installer un ventilateur TONIC et je ne comprends pas que la procédure de synchronisation ne soit pas incluse dans la notice de montage. J’en profite pour signaler que cette notice pourrait être amélioré. En effet, les photos ne sont pas très lisibles et les instructions sont plus que sommaire. Merci de faire un effort de mise à jour.

  2. DANIEL says:

    nous avons installé 4 ventilateur century dans une même salle doit t’on utilisé le même procédé pour que une télécommande agi sur les 4 ventilo en même temps

    • Faro Barcelona Faro Barcelona says:

      Bonjour Daniel,
      Selon le kit de commande dont vous disposez, vous pouvez le faire ou non. Si vous pouvez documenter quelle commande vous avez, nous pouvons vous dire si vous pouvez les regrouper ou non.
      Nous attendons.

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