How to save in lighting

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Beyond reducing the electricity bill, lots of homes are interested in saving in electricity. Saving in light, heating or water, not only makes us pay less for our consumption, but makes us more respectful with the environment.

For that reason, and in which concern lighting, we recommend you some tricks:
1. Make advantage of sunlight
It can look like a cliché, but the habit has made us turn up the light when entering a closed room. Instead, we could make advantage of the sunlight a lot more than what we do: raise the blind when waking up and don’t low it until the sun sets. In summer, we can even respect it in our garden or terrace; it is known that thanks to the time change we do in March, we save 5 % of the electric consumption in the entire country. And of course, never forget to turn off the light when leaving a room!
2. Use light colors for walls and roofs.
If you find yourself in the middle of a reform or you want to change the color of any room, you need to know that light colors help to save, because it makes the rooms go much more luminous. Those spaces don’t need as much artificial lighting, because they help better expanding the natural light and create less dark corners.


3. Place localized lighting
Identifying well the corners where artificial light is needed (like a reading corner or the kitchen worktop) will avoid wasting general light when we don’t need it.

4. Use solar lamps
Some exterior lamps are recharged with the sunlight. For example, SAURA LED, remains off in charge mode during the day, and at night project a low intensity light until it detects someone nearby. In this moment, it emits its maximum light intensity. It has a RIP movement sensor that adjusts the light’s intensity depending on the number of persons around.


5. Keep the lamps clean
It might look obvious but keeping the lamps clean will reduce its electricity consumption and project more light.

6. LED light bulb
Replacing incandescent, halogen or fluorescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs will allow you to:
– Save energy and maintenance expenses
– Adjust light (if dimmable)
– Reduce ignition time
– Get rid of the flickering light
– Obtain a big/long useful life

Besides, thanks to its composition, only a very small part of the energy is wasted and transformed into heat and emits less energy than the rest of the light bulbs.

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One Response to How to save in lighting

  1. Reformas10 says:

    Excelentes consejos. Son muchos los beneficios de ahorrar energía en la iluminación, no solo para el bolsillo, sino para el medio ambiente. Es importante incentivar estas prácticas.

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