How to light your garden sustainably and stylishly

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How to light your garden, Newport outdoor pendant lamp

Once spring arrives, the outdoor areas of our homes become filled with activity and life. Gardens, terraces and green areas become extremely busy and pleasant spaces for carrying out all kinds of activities including reading, gathering with friends, spending the evening with a partner, or simply relaxing and resting.

In order to make good use of and fully enjoy all of their possibilities, it is vital to have an adequate lighting system that promotes aesthetics and comfort while also taking into account energy efficiency.

Before selecting luminaires, we must consider aspects that will make the end result suitable for the type of garden we wish to create, the use we wish it to have, and our budget.

We will consider

– Size: Lighting a house’s terrace is not the same as lighting its garden. Therefore, we must calculate the size of the area we wish to light in order to decide how many luminaires will be necessary. There must be enough light but not too much.

– There are different areas: Work areas (barbecue), reading and resting areas, spaces for gathering or eating, areas with plants and trees, and a swimming pool area, all of which require different lighting.
How to light your garden led, outdoor led lamp– Lightig for protection: A very important aspect which is often neglected. There are key areas to be borne in mind when lighting your garden, such as access points, paths, steps and windows.

– Choose a versatile lighting system that can be adapted to different circumstances: an intimate dinner, an informal work meeting, a chat with friends… which can be used to create different environments, depending on the occasion.

– Create a comfortable installation: Be sure to install several light switches so that you can control the light in the area you wish and not just for the whole garden. This will also help to reduce the electricity bill.

– Choose a sustainable lighting system that is energy efficient. Look for luminaires that incorporate energy saving technology or LED.

If you want to know more about how to light each area of your garden, click here.

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2 Responses to How to light your garden sustainably and stylishly

  1. Aparte del ahorro energético que nos proporcionan las bombillas LED hay que destacar que podremos crear distintos ambientes debido a que pueden cambiar las tonalidades de colores.
    La verdad es que dan mucho juego…

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