How to light your bathroom in a functional and decorative way

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You might be planning to make some changes to your bathroom to take more advantage of it, or change its decoration. The kind of lighting you choose can help you in your purpose, although you may want to take into consideration some aspects we are going to mention next.

Lighting a bath should be practical and versatile task, while also being decorative. Having good lighting that can be adapted to different situations and needs is essential in this type of rooms. Our bathroom must have both a light that allows us to put some make-up on or shave correctly as well as having a warm light for relaxing moments in it.

To light your bathroom in a functional and decorative way, we propose the combination of two types of light: a general one and spot lighting.

General Lighting

General lighting in the bathroom should be as close to natural light as possible, as natural light is the one that best reproduces colours and creates better environments.

For small to medium sized bathrooms, one ceiling lamp will be sufficient to provide the necessary light and create a warm and relaxing environment when the occasion is right.

For large bathrooms, recessed lights in the ceiling will provide a general nice and smooth light. It is important to consider these lights dimensions to calculate the number of lamps that need to be placed. As a guide, in a 6m2 bathroom, 4 recessed lights will be needed.

Light for specific areas

Lighting specific areas is essential in our bathroom to do tasks such as grooming, make-up or shaving. It must be practical and functional according to the needs of each area.

Mirror area

This is the area where we carry out our grooming, make-up or shaving. For these purposes, we will need an even light that does not produce shadows and which reproduces colours correctly.
You can light this area in 3 different ways according to your preferences:

– Placing linestra lights or wall lamp above the mirror.

– Placing recessed lamps just above the mirror.

– Installing a wall lamp on each side of the mirror. Currently, there are models of original and functional lamps that mimic vanity lights of a dressing room.



Shower or bath area

The most cost-effective and practical option to illuminate this area are lamps which are attached to the ceiling and that incorporate diffusers, which are specially designed for wet areas, meeting standards and safety norms.

Check IP zones for bathroom or check our 10 tips to light the bathroom.

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