How to light up a bedroom step by step: 1

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A bedroom is a place for nighttime rest, but it is also a place to relax, to read and for personal care. When planning the bedroom lighting, these supplementary uses should be taken into account, as well as its decorative, size and style.  In this way, you will achieve the perfect lighting which, apart from inviting to relax, will meet the different user need.

How to light up a bedroom

Bedroom lighting must be, above all, homogeneous, uniform and without shadows. Besides, and to contribute to the creation of an environment of harmony, relaxation and rest, it must strengthen the decorative style by being warm , and not too powerful. Finally, bedroom lighting must be efficient, although it is not one of the rooms with the most hours of light, it has a considerable number of switch-ons.

The first aspect to deal with is general lighting. As its own name indicates, the general light provides the necessary light to visualize the bedroom set properly, with the least amount of shadows and dark areas and allowing you to perform the general tasks and move around the bedroom with no problem.

General lightingIn large and spacious bedrooms, floor lamps are a functional and decorative option with style and character.

In more smaller-sized bedrooms, recessed light fixtures or pendant lights or lamps hanging from the ceiling or wall lamps will be the best alternatives.

If the bedroom has a false ceiling, the best option will be built-in spotlights, to be places strategically in order to light up the whole bedroom.  If the false ceiling is not very deep, LED down-lights will be chosen as they are thinner and take up much less space.

In all cases, faint light lamps must be used, with a big charge of design as they will stand out and dominate the decoration of bedroom.

1. The recommended level of general lighting is 250 luxes
2. The use of medium-power light bulbs (20w) is advisable
3. The most suitable color for general lighting corresponds to the warm light (3000k)
4. Regardless of the type of lights, LED bulbs provide reduced energy consumption, larger durability and minimum heat discharge.
5. To ensure convenience of use, the general light must be able to be turned on and off from the entrance of the room as well as from the bed.
6. Placing the recessed light fixture in the center of the ceiling is not enough, do not forget about ambient and specific lighting.

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