How to light different areas of your garden

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Lighting different areas of a garden

Lighting different areas of a garden

There are luminaires on the market to meet every need. It is important to know what we need, our preferences in terms of aesthetics and use, and to look for models.

– Access points: The entrance to the garden and various areas it may lead to should be focused on and lit directly via wall or roof luminaires (sconces or recessed fixtures). Spotlights with motion and/or light sensors may also be used and are very useful, as they are only activated when needed.

Lighting gathering area

Gathering area

– Gathering areas: Porches or areas designed for celebrations in the garden should be lit using sconces or pendant or suspension lamps, which will provide a unique touch.

– Pathways: We will use ground- or wall-recessed luminaires, preferably LED, for paths. Beacons are also a highly aesthetic and sustainable option.

– Work areas: Designed for reading, barbecuing, workshops… According to experts, the best option for these areas is to use energy saving wall lamps (sconces), since they are light fixtures that will remain on for long periods of time. For less decorative areas such as the workshop or barbecue area, it is better to use simple sconces or spotlights, which provide a more adequate type of lighting for these purposes.

– Accentuated areas: To highlight objects, fountains, trees, sculptures, etc., the most suitable option is using small spotlights or stakes, as they can be mounted on the lawn and focused as desired.

Lighting swimming pool area

Swimming pool area

– Decorative area: This involves creating a focal point in a specific space – lighting a wall or a specific part of the garden, for example. In this last example, the best option is using floor or portable lamps. Portable luminaires are extremely popular since they can be moved, have long cables, are practical, and add a very modern touch to any garden.

Lampposts are also a very good option for general lighting and creating a pleasant environment. Floor lamps are ideal for large areas. Their design combines perfectly with minimalist and very avant-garde gardens.

– Swimming pool area: Coloured floating lights are currently very popular. However, the best option for lighting the inside and the surrounding area of a swimming pool is to use ground– or wall-recessed fixtures.

The importance of the IP and materials

Faro Barcelona luminaires are manufactured using materials and processes that ensure high resistance against adverse environmental conditions.

They are also designed for outdoor use, ensuring resistance to weather conditions. The luminaire must have a higher or lower IP (protection rating against water and solid objects), depending on where it is to be installed. IP23 will be enough for porches or semi-covered areas, whereas luminaires to be installed in a swimming pool should be rated IP68, which is the maximum protection against solid objects and prolonged immersion.

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5 Responses to How to light different areas of your garden

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  2. Ramòn Paz says:

    Excelente información….los felicito!

  3. magin says:

    Es necesario poner una caja para empotrar, en una pared exterior, para poner un aplique de jardin ESCA????
    En la tienda donde me vendieron el aplique me dijeron que no, pero veo que en la página se vende.

    • Faro Barcelona Faro Barcelona says:

      Buenas días Magin,

      Tras realizar la consulta a nuestro Servicio Técnico, esto es lo que nos han respondido:

      La utilización de la caja de empotrar facilita la instalación y sobretodo, en un momento dado, facilita la desinstalación. Podríamos sacar el empotrable sin dañar el mismo.
      En caso de no usar la caja el empotrable quedaría fijado de obra con lo que si se tuviera que sacar implicaría un trabajo mayor.
      En definitiva, es para facilitar el montaje y desmontaje del artículo.

      Esperamos que le sea de utilidad.

      Un saludo!

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