How to get the right solutions for general kitchen lighting?

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Preparing the first cup of coffee in the morning, placing the items after the grocery shopping or discussing the day during dinner: these are only some of the moments that we spend at the kitchen. Fill all of them with light while creating a functional, comfy and secure kitchen with the right lighting project. Here is how to get it!

Downlight Tomo for lighting the kitchenThree different areas generally coexist in a kitchen: the working area, the storage area and the office and dining area. Each one of these areas needs a specific lighting installation. Anyway, the general kitchen lighting should facilitate the overall vision and avoid shadows or non-enlightened areas.

In fact, a good general lighting project increases safety of the working area, optimises energy consumption at home and also helps to create both a pleasant and practical environment. In practice, there are two kinds of lamps that can be used to get a homogeneous and efficient lighting in the kitchen: downlights and surface luminaires.

Tomo is a good example of a recessed ceiling lamp. It features LED technology and includes a transformer. You can find the cold light model, perfect to place it behind the kitchen working areas, and Tomo is also available in warm light, which will help you to create a cosy atmosphere at the office and dining area.

For kitchens with a low height false ceiling, it’s better to choose downlights with a thin recessed box, like Tomo. Other lamps, like Dot, which is also a round-shaped downlight, or Bora, which is a square-shaped lamp, are other options to light up kitchens or their access corridors.

Downlight Bora for lighting the kitchenIf your kitchen doesn’t have false ceiling or it’s just not possible to make holes, there is other solution: the lamp Tomo can be transformed into a surface luminaire thanks to an accessory, available in white and gray.

Have you decided how to light up your kitchen? Which lighting solutions have you used? We want to find out about your experiences, tell us here!

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