How to freshen your home in a cheap, healthy and decorative way

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With the arrival of warm weather and rising temperatures, homes build up heat gradually. A cheap, healthy and decorative way to keep your home fresh is the use of ceiling fans.

beneficios de los ventiladores de techo

Since 1882, when the first ceiling fan was created, the industry has continued to evolve and improve. This is the case of Faro Barcelona, a company with more than 60 years manufacturing fans which have become a reference not only for their designs but also for the quality of the materials and the latest technology: LED and quiet mechanisms. Currently, we offer different styles, types and sizes to meet any aesthetic need that arises.

The ceiling fan, a cheap solution

Ceiling fans offer a nice fresh feeling in a cheap way. A fan running at half speed consumes 20w to 60w, which means energy savings of up to 47% compared to air conditioning.

Plus, the use of ceiling fans contributes not only to domestic savings but also reduces environmental impact because such impact is much lower as compared to air conditioning.



The ceiling fan, a healthy solution

Ceiling fans cool the room without causing a dry environment that can affect the eyes and throat and also prevent colds, for drafts are not cold. The fresh sensation is caused by the air breeze when blades rotate, creating a decrease in temperature of 8°C.


The ceiling fan, a decorative solution

As mentioned, in 1882 Philip Diehl invented the first electric ceiling fan and since then, the ventilation sector has evolved to get designer pieces to suit all indoor and outdoor environments.

Today, fans can be found of different colors, sizes and with a variety of designs and styles (classic, retro, modern, childish, colonial, outdoor…).

The ceiling fan can add personality to the room where it’s installed, as a piece of decoration. Also, if the fan chosen has built-in light, it will play a triple role: freshen, illuminate and decorate.

Here you have the full range of Faro Barcelona fans. Enjoy them!


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3 Responses to How to freshen your home in a cheap, healthy and decorative way

  1. Teresa casas says:

    Unos consejos muy útiles para ahora le verano! muchas gracias por todas las recomendaciones! saludos

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