How to choose a fan

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To know which fan is the most appropriate for our home, we must have a clear idea of which room or space will occupy, as this will influence when choosing one or the other according to their characteristics.

Is it for inside the house or outside the house?

Outdoor fans

Ideal for porches and open rooms, some fans include the option of being used outdoors. It is very important that they have IP 44 or higher to guarantee the outdoor useful life and the safety of the installation, for example, with moisture or contact with water.

The TYPHOON and WINCHE models from Faro Barcelona comply with these characteristics and also have a modern and functional design.


Indoor fans

Indoor fans can be used in all rooms of the house and so we must consider the size of the space where we want to install it.

– For large rooms, 17’6m2 or more, we recommend large fans like ANDROS or LANTAU-G.

– Much more common are the medium-sized rooms, ranging from 13m2 to 17’6m2 and allowing cooling with the TUBE FAN or OBOE fan.

– For smaller rooms, up to 13m2, fans that measure no more than 13cm, such as MEDITERRANEO or PALAO, will be necessary.

– And we will also have to take into account even smaller rooms, those measuring less than 13m2. For them fans are ideal as the KEIKI.


Another important measure to take into account is the minimum distance between the fan and the floor; it has to be 2’3m minimum. If the room measures less we recommend fans that can be installed directly to the ceiling.

And, speaking of the ceiling, we must also think about whether it is inclined or not and whether the fan allows its installation.

To make a good choice, don’t forget to take into account the use of the room:

Kitchen: a space with more than one window and an extractor, the fan will help remove odors or smoke.

Dining room: it is one of the most furnished spaces of the house. When choosing the fan, it is good to keep in mind what material is made of and its color.

Bedroom: fans with DC motor are characterized by their low consumption, the little noise they make and the soft air of breeze they provide. Therefore, they are ideal fans for the bedroom.

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