“FLOW is based on flowers and their morphology”

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We are delighted to learn more about Marcelo Alegre, member of Alegre Design and one of the brains behind FLOW and TONI.


Who is Marcelo Alegre?

I’m an industrial designer and at the front of the Alegre Design studio, specialising in product design. I founded my studio in 2002 with a fundamental premise: to redesign everyday objects from a global perspective, thinking beyond the aesthetic and paying attention to industrial processes, the materials, the market and the specific needs of companies in order to provide solutions.

I studied Industrial Design at CEU Cardenal Herrera University, where I currently work as a lecturer in Industrial Product Technology. My French mother and Spanish father gave me a diverse cultural vision, with a marked international character. I have lived abroad for long periods of time and still do so several times a month.

On my constant travels around the world, I learn about the cultures, knowledge and sensibilities of other countries, which I then apply to the designs we create at our studio, with an international vision and aimed at diverse geographical markets and segments.

Tell us a little about your beginnings and career.

I started at Cardenal Herrera CEU University, where I learned to turn these creative sensations into products. Then, after a stint at the company Puntmobles where I learned to make real products, I, along with Andrés Baldoví, launched into the adventure of Alegre Design, where I remain.

3 words that define your job

Creativity, discipline and order


What is your favourite moment of creating a product?

All products are born from a sensation. The first moment would be where we get that sensation to take shape in the design phase. I love seeing that many products, once they reach the studio in prototype form, remain faithful to that initial sensation and we have managed to make that materialise in the final product.

What did you base yourself on to create FLOW body/wall light?

Flow was created by thinking about an outdoor space; the installation spaces, those gardens and green spaces where it would be installed. We based ourselves on flowers and their morphology–stem and flower–to design a product capable of transmitting the subtlety and delicacy of flowers, but with reliable, efficient and long-lasting solutions. In its design, the turning point in the upper part of the product was the key to providing that sensation.


What features must a light fixture have to be considered a good product?

For us, a good product, be it a light fixture or something else, is one which meets the user’s expectations. In the case of a light fixture, it has to integrate into the environment by providing its decorative value without visually contaminating and it has to light.

When you were designing FLOW, did you first think about the needs it would meet or about its shape?

Flow, while formally simple, is a product with high technical requirements, since it is an outdoor product. The first thing we thought about was finding that sensation of elegance and simplicity that we had spoken about. Transmitting emotion through the product and, at the same time, meeting its primary lighting function powerfully and effectively by meeting all the necessary technical requirements.

You are also the creator of the TONI body. What does this type of product have that attracts you so much?

They are simple, honest products where form is function, which are aimed at the general public. In other words, products that fulfil our philosophy as a studio; everyday deigns that are reinvented to meet new requirements.


5 things we don’t know about FLOW

Five is a lot for a product that is so simple and transparent, but it should be pointed out that when it was created, the great challenge lay in obtaining a perfect parable based on floral morphology and successfully housing all the technical components inside it.

How would you define Flow?

As a timeless product that integrates into our everyday life. A classic.

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  1. Interesante artículo, por casualidad estaba investigando para iluminar mi jardín y me ha gustado mucho su iluminación

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