Faro Barcelona’s team lights up a better world

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On Friday, February 17 Faro Barcelona’s whole team participated in a group activity to get to know the new HOOK lamp and take their part on the project “light up a better world”.

This session worked to join the workers together from all departments and allow them to work with other ones that we normally don’t get to meet on our daily labors.

To begin with, we had a presentation given by Xavi Martin, group’s CEO, about how HOOK has being growing and a project that started as eco sustainable has also become solidary thanks to the passion it has awakened.

presentacion hook

As an honor guest we had Roman Fabra, executive director of Mary’s Meals Spain, who told us about this NGO which Faro Barcelona has started to work with. As of the first week of February, the company has sponsored a school in Liberia to feed the community kids for a whole school year.

Roman used his own experience to bring us closer to these kids and their needs. With each HOOK sale a kid will be fed for a whole school year.


And because our team has a great heart it also wanted contribute about each one of them on Friday’s workday. After knowing everything about the project, all the staff was divided into different teams so they would write down a phrase or word related to “light up a better world”.

The result was exceptional, the magic could be breathed in the environment and after each team came out to read aloud their phrases, the rest was applauding thinking about the originality and good deeds of our teammates.

The result was exceptional, here are the phrases that Faro’s team created for HOOK:
– Let’s Light up Mery’s smiles
– Poner la luz de nuestro corazón en la infancia
– La lumière de l’espoir
– Encendiendo sonrisas para apagar el hambre
– Lighting smiles!
– Un camino hacia la ilusión
– Una lámpara… luz para más vidas
– Cuesta poco ayudar si con ello ayudas a estudiar
– Ilumina el camino de más niños, sólo con una HOOK
– Pay attention to the small details, they could make a real change

frases equipo
– No es tanto el que, sino el porque
– Iluminando un giorno nuovo
– Meal for read
– Rumbo a la ilusión
– Alimenta tu luz
– De la lumière à l’assiette
– Gohan chisiki ne bayo
– HOOK è buono per te, é bueno per me, me piú tosto bueno per loro
– Dar luz a una ilusión
– Una luce, un sonriso
– La ilusión de una sonrisa
– Con una simple luz iluminas un corazón
– One heart, one plate, one child
– Tu esfuerzo alimenta corazones.

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