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IoT is the acronym for ‘Internet of Things,’ a new technological era that enables us to control everyday objects and devices connected to a network.

In the new Faro Barcelona catalogue, we’ve used this capability for some of our fans, which, connected to a WiFi network, can be managed through a mobile phone and home automation technology applications such as Alexa, Google Home and Siri.

What’s new about these automation systems is the possibility that they offer to be able to automate actions, and to forget, as in the case of fans, about remote control. They also allow you to have all your devices together with customised settings and within the reach of voice commands.

Thanks to the universal platform we’ve used at Faro Barcelona for this project, you can use your mobile phone as if it were the fan control, since it has the same functionalities:

– On and off switch. In the case of the off switch, also if you’re not in your home and you’ve forgotten.
– Blade speed
– Light on and off switch
– Light intensity
– Activate and deactivate the reverse function
– Activate the breeze mode

We’ll also be updating more functions as our technical team improves the product. When this happens, we’ll update the application and the new functionality will automatically appear on your device.


To use a fan with IoT Technology, you need to download the WiZ application on the platform you usually use to acquire applications and be connected to a WiFi network. In this regard:

– It’s important to have good coverage. If you’re going to install your fan in a room where the WiFi on your mobile phone sometimes doesn’t work very well, you’d need to improve this with a repeater or a WiFi mesh network.
– It only works with 2.4 GHz band, which is the most extensive band and the one used by most operators. You must connect the system to the network that does NOT have 5G at the end of its name.
– If your network goes down at any time, you can use the traditional control to activate any function on your fan, since it’s incorporated.
– Once configured, you’ll acquire the “Administrator” profile and there can be more than one. So, everyone who lives at home can change the preferences of the fan according to their taste (and the heat).
– The application also allows you to invite other people to temporarily control the fan from their mobile phone. This is the “guest permission” option that will let that person control the fan only during their visit.

In the Faro Barcelona catalogue, you’ll find designer fans with IoT technology with different finishes and sizes, such as the models JUST FAN, ETERFAN, WINCHE, NASSAU and TYPHOON, the latter being suitable for outdoor use with an IP44 protection index against liquids and dust.

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