Control the light with your mobile

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With the aim of betting on innovation and looking for solutions for the comfort of people, we present our new smart bulbs.

This is a selection of luminaires that can be used by the ‘SMART’ bulbs (you will recognize them in our 2020 catalogue), which at the same time can be controlled from the mobile phone with the Tuya application and that are compatible with programs such as Alexa, ‘Google assistant ‘or Siri.

To activate the system it is essential to have a Wi-Fi connection and choose one of the many features it offers:
– Allows grouping more than one luminaire to control the switching off or on of an entire room or even the entire home.
– You can save a specific mode in a room in the application memory. For example, to watch the TV, you can determine which luminaires you want to be on and at what intensity.
– To determine the characteristics of one of the luminaires, you can take a picture of the room and from there select which lamp you want to control.
– You can set the time and day to turn on a lamp or a complete room.

Options that will allow you to customize the light in each room and moment, save energy use, obtain greater comfort and complement the home automation technology already installed in your home.

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One Response to Control the light with your mobile

  1. Es una excelente opción aprovechar la tecnología para controlar la luminaria de la casa. Es una forma de controlar también el consumo y aumentar la seguridad al poder programar el encendido y apagado si vamos a estar fuera de casa. Gracias por compartir.

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