Tips and uses about LED to light up different rooms

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Iluminación salones y comedores

Living rooms: a low-energy warm light bulb will achieve the ideal ambiance.

Restrooms: a bathroom should be illuminated by a general light with a specific type of light in the mirrors.

Iluminación en el cuarto de baño

Kitchens: low- energy bulbs adapt best to these types of rooms.

Corridors and other passa-geways: for these areas the suitable light is halogen bulb because they are quick start. Area where the light should remain on for a long time, it is advisable to use a low- energy led light

Work areas: you need a bulb that provide a high luminous flux (lm) and has a colour reproduction as real as possible.

Choose the right light

Luminous flux is the amount of light a bulb emits. It is expressed in lumen (lm). The greater amount of light provided. Light efficiency us the ratio between the luminous flux the bulb emits and its consumption in watts (lm/W). Led lamps are more efficient because of the higher result of this ratio.

Modify a room’s ambiance

Colour temperature is the colour irradiated by a light source. It can vary from warm yellow light to cold blue light. It makes it possible to modify a room’s ambiance without having to make any physical change. The unit is the degree Kelvin (ºK)

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  1. Bombillas LED económicas says:

    Nosotros solo usamos LED, no solo por el ahorro de energia como también por la calidad. Muy buenos consejos. Enhorabuena

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