How to light up a bedroom step by step: 3

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Finally, after solving the general and ambient lighting there comes the time of focal lighting. Focal lighting is a specific type of lighting that is used to ease the vision when certain activities are done, such as reading, putting on makeup or dressing up.

Light up a bedroom

It must be a light that provides much visibility and the highest chromatic reproduction possible, all of this without being excessively powerful.

Spotlights for ReadingSpotlights for Reading

The bedroom is the ideal place for reading, especially before sleeping. For reading in bed to be pleasant, the best option consists in placing the wall lamps on the wall or on the head of bed. Since these are small-sized and highly ornamental lamps, maximum functionality will be reached without sacrificing the available space on the night table.

Some tips:

1. Wall lamps must provide a straight light that prevents visual fatigue without being excessibe and without disturbing the rest of other room occupants.

2. It is convenient that the wall lamps be switched on and off in an independent way.

3. Wall lamps must have articulated and flexible arms to direct the light to where it is need.

Work or study areas

In more spacious bedrooms it is possible to set up a little area for working or studying. There are intimate and personal spaces that invites to concentration and peaceful work.

1. In these spaces the use of a reading light or work lamp is recommended to emit an intense, homogeneous and focused light

2. This light  does not excessively interfere with the room as a whole.

3. The lamp should always be on the opposite side from where you are writing to prevent shadows.

Wardrobes and design rooms

Track projector for design rooms

Wardrobes and designs rooms need clear and powerful lighting. For this, the most usual option is installing built-in devices on the ceiling in front of them.


1. It is convenient to install many small-sized and conveniently spaced spotlights.

2. If the spotlights are steerable they will minimize the shadows making the most of their power.

3. Place small spotlights or rail projectors in front of wardrobes or design rooms, it is one of the most modern and innovative ways of lighting them up.

Mirrors and vanities

Mirrors and vanitiesActivities such as makeup and grooming require an intense amount of lighting that allows the person to appreciate all detals with the highest level of visual comfort. It is therefore more efficient to illuminate your mirrors and vanities with several separate white light luminaries.

Some tips:

1. It is the best to do so by using small fluorescent lights or adjustable wall sconces located at the sides of the work area.

2. Use light bulbs with a cool color temperature (6000k) for optimal color reproduction.

3. Avoid using halogen lamps as they high consumption and heat emission.

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