How to light up a bedroom step by step: 2

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When general lighting of the bedroom is solved, it is necessary to plan the ambient lighting. A support light that contributes decisively to the warmth and comfort of the room, giving subtle and pleasant notes of light that are complemented with the set.

How to light up a bedroom step by step: ambient lighting

Since we are dealing with mainly decorative lighting it is essential to consider the design of ambient light. Based on personal needs and preferences, it is possible to choose floor lamps, table lamps or appliances conveniently distributed around the room.

Tips for ambient lighting:

1. Ambient light must be faint and warm (3000k)

2. Fabric screens in ochre, brown or grey tones are advisable: they create an inviting and intimate environment and let the right amount of light go through.

Tips for light up your bedroom

3. Floor lamps are a very versatile alternative which can be replaced in the bedroom for a temporary renovation.

4. Table lamps are usually placed symmetrically at both sides of bed.

5. Bet on asymmetries and place different lamps at both sides of the bed, or leave one side without light spot.

Light up your bedroom

Don’t forget the focal lighting, It is important too for light up a bedroom.

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