How to light your home swimming-pool

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Knowing how to light your pool is very important, because during summer months the swimming-pool plays a major role at your home, day and night. But we must not forget that it is also a part of your home’s external image. So, Faro Barcelona reminds you that it is essential to pick a good lighting system according to the user’s needs and preferences.

Swimming pool lighted with recessed lamps
The traditional way

The most traditional way of lighting up a swimming-pool is by using recessed lamps, placed both inside and around the pool. Installing recessed lamps inside the pool, apart from being ornamental and a pleasure to the eyes, is really useful in order to enjoy a nice swim at night. To ensure user safety, all installed luminaires must have an IP68 protection rating (protection rating against water and solid objects), which proves them to be fully protected lamps, fit for long submersion periods.

Currently, there are LED RGB recessed lamps available to light up swimming-pools,  which allow us to create different and very original environments, and, through a remote control allow for the selection of different light tones.

Recessed lights around the swimming-pool play a very clear role: to signalize and delimit the water area and to give the garden a touch of modernity. In both cases, they provide great advantages, as their installation is simple and they do not require continuous maintenance.

Notes of light and color over the water

Swimming pool lighted with floating lampsIf, as well as lighting up the swimming-pool we want to provide it with a cheerful and original touch, floating lamps are the ideal solution, as they create light effects depending on the selected color.

These models float and move across the water, creating an impressive play of lights. Besides, they are made from polyethylene, an isolating material that permits to enjoy them with no risks at all.
They work on rechargeable batteries ensuring a 6-8 hour duration.

We hope you find these ideas on how to light up your home swimming-pool useful.

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