Fans against the heat

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Although for many people the heat means the beginning of summer vacations, it can also be the cause of flushing sensations, grief and sleep issues.

Temperature influences our mood and, sometimes, in order to achieve the desired state of happiness, we must regulate it. In doing that, a fan can be a wonderful ally.
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Fans are efficient systems that cool the environment, even down to 8 degrees, without drying the air too much, which, combined with air conditioning systems, can help us cool down rooms much faster and maintain ideal temperatures.

Ceiling fans have been reinvented, adapted to current styles and feature much more resistant materials, which is why they can also be used outdoors, such as the TYPHOON by Jordi Busquets with its IP44 protection rating.

In addition, using fans creates a nice breeze that dries up sweat without creating a strong airflow that could cause summer colds. As if all of these advantages where not enough, they can also help keeping mosquitoes away from our skin. Could one possibly ask for more?

Currently, we can find a wide variety of DC-motor fans, which are quiet and efficient given that they consume just 3W, helping us save a little on the electrical bill.

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  1. raquel says:

    Il est un bon outil pour cet été

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