Warmth in the kitchen office with the right lighting

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The office is the space of the kitchen, independent from the working area, which is aimed to have a bite to eat or to enjoy an informal lunch, as well as doing some household tasks in there. It is an intimate area at home, generally structured around a bar with stools or a small table. Which lighting system to choose? Take inspiration with our tips.

By its distinctive features, the kitchen office lighting has to be less cold and more pleasant than that of the working areas. For this reason, we recommend you to use a light with a more warm temperature, around 3 000 Kelvin degrees.

In fact, lighting is an ideal ally to delimit the office area in a visual way, by separating it of the working and the storage areas, in line with the general lighting of the kitchen. Dare to create a corner with its own personality, by installing one or more design lamps, but always bearing in mind the functional convenience and the kind of activities to be carried out in this space.

How to light up a kitchen office with a table?

If the office has a table, the best light option is to install a pendant lamp, 80 cm above the table. This lamp allows a correct illumination, decorates and delimites the set.

kitchen office lighting

If the office has a circular table, it’s best to choose for circular pendants. Above, the picture of the office table has BONGO an alluminium pendant lamp, which is possible to use with energy saving bulbs. This produces warm light and it is possible to save energy in this part of the house, where the light is always on. MIA lamp, with white shade and made of metal and opal glass, is another good option. However, who want an alternative can install PAM, a black and gold pendant lamp, which gives you a chic touch.

On the other hand, square or rectangular tables combine better with longer luminaries. For example, CILO is a sophisticated aluminum pendant lamp.

Pendant lamp

We love the way how LINK is in the center of this minimalist office. It’s an Estudi Ribaudí design for Faro Barcelona. The lamp is integrated with the glass table, the natural wood and the white lacquered furniture.

In fact, when we choose a lamp, is better to opt for non-porous materials such as metal or glass, as they will be easier to clean.

How to light up an office kitchen with bar?

If your office has an island or bar instead of a table, and the ceiling height exceeds 2.5 meters high, it’s recommended to light up the area with two or more longitudinally aligned hanging lamps.

hanging lamps

This office has a granite bar, integrated in a rustic kitchen but minimalist, and has been lighted up by two MARLIN pendant lamps with translucent glass diffuser. The LED filament bulbs bring an original touch and offer the same amount of light than an halogen one, but with a long life and lower residual heat.

kitchen lighting

Instead, the pendant lamp TRANSFER, finished in matt nickel, is the culmination of an island situated in a tricolor red, black and white kitchen. As always, we recommend using a low-energy bulb.

If the ceiling height doesn’t exceeds 2.5 meters high, the best way is to use downlights, like we explain in another post about kitchen lighting. The downlights should be strategically placed to strengthen this function.

Do you know how to light up your office? Do you want to share other ideas for focused island or bar kitchen? We are waiting for your comments!

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