Wall lamps with reading light, enjoy reading in bed!

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When the summer ends we go back to our routine, and we may also retake some activities we had left aside. We also try to get back in shape by going to the gym; many resume their love for reading, and nobody can deny that the best place to enjoy a good book is our own bed.

For this reason, in this post we show you three of our wall lamps with LED reading light, so that you can enjoy maximum comfort with the best quality of light, thanks to its double function: a general light and a directed LED reading light. Each lamp has a very different and unique style, so you can choose the one that best suits your home decoration. What they do have in common is that they are all design wall lamps.

sabana aplique lectura faro barcelona

The first wall lamp with reading light we would like to show you is Sabana. It is one of our new home designs for 2014. This design lamp was created by Pepe Llaudet, who has already worked with us in the creation of other lamps such as Versus, or the finalist of DELTA 2014: Akane, among others.

Sabana is a wall lamp made of metal with a beige fabric screen, inspired by the African lodge style. Available both with left and right reading lights, so it is ideal to put it at both sides of the bed.


Vesper is our second proposal when it comes to wall lamps with reading light. In this case, this design was made by the Nahtrang team. This wall lamp with reading light also comes in brown and beige. Besides, it is part of a series of design lamps that is completed by a wall lamp and a desk lamp.

The luminaires of the series comprise two main bodies that play with the empty/full concept and give a modern touch to home lighting.


Finally, one of our great successes, SWEET. This design lamp is a creation by Estudi Ribaudí, and we have an entire family so you can light up your home: wall lamp, wall lamp with reading light, desk lamp and floor lamp.

Here, the wall lamp with LED reading light offers, as in previous cases, outstanding features both for general lighting and reading.

And although the reading lamps we have shown you were installed in the bedroom, you can also put them at the reading corner of your living-room. What else do you need? With your favorite book or magazine, a comfortable armchair and a side table to place a cup of tea or coffee, these wall lamps will give you the perfect reading light to enjoy many moments.

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