5 new Faro Barcelona fans

Jun 18 • Ventilation • 14596 Views • 11 Comments on 5 new Faro Barcelona fans

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High temperatures are upon us yet again and fans come into their own when we are looking to be comfortable in the heat.

Ceiling fans refresh the air without drying it out and are energy efficient, since they consume 20W to 60W, representing an energy saving of up to 47% compared to air conditioning.

Fans generate the constant movement of air, which turns into a breeze that can reduce a room’s temperature by 8 ºC. And they do not reduce environmental humidity or create cold air currents, so you can avoid colds and dry eyes and throats.

Faro Barcelona has many new products in its fan range for 2018.



This white fan with LED light is an Estudi Ribaudí design. It is designed for large rooms and has 3 speeds. However, what characterises this ceiling fan is its bluetooth speaker, which enables music to be played from any mobile device.



After JUST FAN comes TUBE FAN. A fan with a DC motor and 6 speeds. It is a Conillas design and the colour and finish of the blades can be customised.



Fans are not just for indoor use. Conillas’ WINCHE has IP44 (33481), making it ideal for porches and gardens. It has a DC motor and 6 regulatable speeds. It is suitable for a sloped ceiling.


Since we know that white fans suit a multitude of spaces, this year we present COCOS with LED light and DC motor. An efficient and multifunctional fan, since it can be used as a main light for the room.



We cannot, of course, forget our best sellers. The version with pine blades and light is now here. An elegant, 3-blade fan that is perfect for ventilating rooms from 17.6 m2.


These 5 fans have been added to our range, so if you are looking for a ceiling fan, we will have one that meets your needs.

You can see them all here.

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11 Responses to 5 new Faro Barcelona fans

  1. Asun Sendra says:

    Querria saber si existe algun modelo de ventilador de techo con luz para habitación de color dorado

  2. carme says:

    Me gustaría saber si hay un accesorio alargador con el mismo acabado que el modelo LANTAU Ventilador de techo níquel mate, Ref.33370.
    Y si no lo tienen, si van a fabricarlo, porque me interesa mucho.

  3. Mike says:

    I like a lot your fan “Lantau”. Is there a chance, to get the small 1,32m-version with a light as well?
    Thanks and kind regards

  4. Alfonso says:

    Buenos días.
    Voy a comprar un ventilador de techo para mi cocina, y estoy interesado en el modelo polaris, pero me ha asaltado la duda en cuanto a si la luz que da no será insuficiente, ya que la cocina tiene 16 metros cuadrados. (SMD LED de 18W 2700K luz cálida 1500 Lm) Por favor, me pueden orientar.
    Gracias. Un saludo.

  5. beppe says:

    posso ordinare ventilatori a soffitto per mio BB in Italia?
    grazie bp

  6. Joan Fabrega says:

    ¿Como conectar el mando 33937 a un ventilador century Ref 33553?

  7. ANTONIO says:

    Hola. La altura de mi techo es 260, ¿puedo instalar el modelo Lantau g?

  8. Miguel says:

    Buenos días, estoy pensando poner el ventilador modelo 33504 en el salón, pero tengo algunas dudas. La habitación tendrá unos 20 metros cuadrados, pero el problema lo encuentro en la altura que hay desde el suelo al techo, que es de 2,45 metros y que el techo es un falso techo de escayola y no sé si esto es capaz de aguantar el peso de un ventilador. Me gustaría saber que me recomiendan.

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