4 tips to enjoy your garden

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Although it seems it has not yet fully arrived, we are about to open the season of open-air dinners, midday sunbathing, games and laughter in the garden. Summer comes, life abroad and these four tips to enjoy your spaces and the best moments:

1. Illuminate your outdoor spaces correctly

Depending on the area in question, it is necessary to take into account what kind of light will be needed: apply as the BRONX for general lighting, stakes like FLOW to surround the pool area or the more vegetated part, the hanging lamp SAIGON for a porch or a portable lamp such as TOC if you have a smaller terrace.


2. Give a new life to your garden

The lighting cannot only help you to accompany meetings and dinners that get longer, it can be a good ally to redecorate the garden or the terrace and give it another air. Beacons like SHADOW are a good option to give that play of lights and decorate, and over-wall lamps such as NALA can welcome home or go around the perimeter to point and host the garden.



3. Get the perfect thermal sensation

If you have a porch or entrance, you can complete the experience with a fan suitable for outdoor. You can rest, eat, play or read at an ideal and cool temperature that gives you, in that corner, up to 8ºC less on hot days. Perfect if waves of high temperatures are approaching and you don’t want to stop enjoying nature. The models WINCHE and TYPHOON, also have DC motor making them a silent and effective-consumption option.

Imagen_44. Move!

Thanks to the new portable lamps, you can also move in your garden. Lie down on the grass, organize a picnic, read between plants and illuminate each of these moments with CAT or TAKE AWAY, the latter with a range of 5 hours. Ideal also if you have different smaller outdoor spaces, such as the terrace.


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  1. ¿A quién no le gusta disfrutar de los exteriores de la casa a cualquier hora? Excelentes consejos. Seguimos encontrando buena información en el blog.

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