1968, a designer lamp handmade in Spain

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1968 is the year of the Revolution, the Space Race as well as a very meaningful year for television. These are the premises that originated Jordi Busquets’s design.

All of these ingredients come together in a lamp entirely made in Spain that fuses tradition and modernity. Its structure is reminiscent of the first T.V. sets, the wood is handcrafted by carpenters, the logo is engraved using laser and the stands are 3D printed in Faro’s facilities.

The result is a lamp that is halfway between a table lamp and a portable one, which features high-efficiency warm-light LED stripes and a screen made of linen manufactured in Mataró.


The wood’s curves are shaped in Valencia, and they are put together in the Torelló shops. Finally, the lamp is assembled at Faro Barcelona’s headquarters. The entire process is treated with love and every piece is unique, a product 100% made in Spain.

1968 was presented exclusively at Light+Building and at the Biosca&Botey’s Barcelona store. Its debut has received the attention of customers as well as the press; its shape evokes nostalgia and its warmth reminds us of home, a fact that makes it a timeless piece, perfect for elegant rooms and hotels.

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