10 Tips to light your bathroom

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If you have thought about making a change in your bathroom to get more out of it or to change its decour, you must choose the lighting that you are going to use carefully. Below we offer some tips to get better lighting in your bathroom.


1. Choose practical and versatile lamps, not just decorative.

2. Make the lighting of your bathroom functional, combining homogeneous and spot lighting.

3. Note that general lighting should be as close to natural light as possible, since it is the one that best reproduces these colours.

4. If your bathroom has natural light … make it the most because it is the most suitable for grooming tasks.

5. Get an even light that does not produce shadows to illuminate the mirror area.

6. We recommend placing tone neutral or cold light bulbs(at or above 4000k) which offer good colour rendering, low consumption and low heat emission.

7. We recommend installing two switches: one for general illumination and one for the mirror light; as you will be able to better control lighting to suit the needs of each moment.

8. It is preferable not to use fluorescent tubes as this type of light alters colour vision.

9. We propose to use energy saving light bulbs or LED since consumption is not as high as with other bulbs. Besides, the heat emitted is also smaller compared to the fluorescent tubes or halogen bulbs.

10. Make sure the lamps for the bathroom have been especially designed for this room and meet safety standards and sealing requirements.

Check IP zones for bathrooms or visit How to light your bathroom in a functional and decorative way.




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  2. JF Servicios says:

    Un decálogo muy completo. Cada vez que hago una reforma de un baño me encuentro con que, a pesar de no ser mi competencia, me piden que me encargue también de la iluminación. Con vuestro permiso me guardo esta página para usarla en esos casos. Un saludo!

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