10 lighting tips to enjoy the terrace

Apr 19 • Outdoor lighting • 9916 Views • 8 Comments on 10 lighting tips to enjoy the terrace

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Nice weather has arrived, which means it is time our patios and decks come back to life. These spaces allow us to enjoy the company of friends in long summer evenings, which is why it is important to provide them with the proper lighting.

Efficient lighting means savings in the electrical bill, considering that, for example, LED bulbs or lamps with COB integrated LED plates will consume much less electricity.

Here are some tips to properly light our patios and terraces:

1) Define your budget and decorative style

2) Measure the spaces that need lighting and define the critical points where there would be a need for reinforcing the light. Remember that garden lamps must be IP44 or higher to insure their life cycle in exterior applications as well as the safety of the installation.


3) The usefulness of the system is also important and, for that reason, we must consider the switches and the possibility of turning the lights on and off comfortably. A nice option are sensors or automatic mechanisms to facilitate their use.

4) For general lighting, we distribute the areas and define them, and then it is time to pick the kind of lamp or the color of the light to have a clear purpose.

5) The critical areas may be access points, pathways, steps or windows. Those that for safety reasons need extra lighting.

6) For access points, we must use direct lighting, which can be accomplished using spotlights.

7) For pathways, beacons or floor-recessed lights allow us to define the area and avoid people falling or tripping along them.

iluminacion de caminos

8) For general lighting, we can use sconces and recessed wall lamps, as well as some pendant lamps to distribute light homogeneously.

9) For decorative lighting of trees, flowers or fountains, spike lamps provide focused lighting that can be aimed at the object in question.

10) In addition, we can consider some versatile elements, such as floor lamps or portable lamps that allow us to change the lighting and adapt it to the different needs of the occasion. For example, the CAT portable lamp can be used for a romantic dinner or a fun party with friends.

hue pie de salon

Now we can enjoy our decks until well into the night without worrying about the light. Let us have a wonderful time in our decks!

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8 Responses to 10 lighting tips to enjoy the terrace

  1. Montse says:

    Quiero iluminar mi terrassa de 60m2 con dos apliques. Que tipo me aconsejarias de vuestro catálago?
    La mayoria parece que no faciliten una iluminación general.
    Gràcies por la ayuda

  2. Andrew Agar says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. Keep posting and keep growing

  3. Jenny Oswald says:

    Such a wonderful post. Great ideas to enjoy the terrace. Will definitely try some day.

  4. Deck repair says:

    LED lights are definitely a good option. Cheaper, safer, and you’ve got a good variety of types you can choose from. Thanks for the great article!


  5. Deco&Lemon says:

    ¡Muy buenas consideraciones para acertar con la iluminación de nuestros exteriores! Sin duda, se trata de un aspecto importantísimo no sólo para mejorar la visibilidad, sino para crear una atmósfera agradable. Nosotros siempre apostamos por luces LED porque son más duraderas, ecológicas y cumplen con creces su función.

  6. Muy buenos consejos para tener la terraza iluminada perfectamente.

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