10 aspects to consider when creating the perfect kitchen lighting

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When preparing a dessert, it is important to pay attention to quantities. In the same way, proper lighting levels will make us feel comfortable at which is actually the heart of our homes. Downlights, surface luminaires, fluorescent lamps and ceiling and pendant lamps coexist together at the different areas of the kitchen in order to achieve functional lighting.

Aluminio-G kitchen pendant design lamp for kitchen lighting

All kitchens are different: yours can be larger or smaller, or maybe vintage or contemporary style was your inspiration. In any case, the kitchen must be a practical and operational place, where lighting is a key element to working safely. Moreover, all family members should also feel comfortable there. In the image, two ALUMINIO-G pendant lamps dominate the kitchen, furnished with a central island. It integrates both the working and the dining area (kitchenette) for informal meals.

How to light up the kitchen

1. Consistency and uniformity. No little kitchen corner has to be left in the dark: we have to light up the work areas above all. It is necessary to look for light solutions that give to the kitchen an aspect with harmony.

2. Light up each area. Every kitchen area and the activities we carry on there have to be considered when installing lighting for the first time or during house renovations.

3. Shadow-free lighting. Pay attention to avoid furniture or food’s shadows as well as people’s shadows meanwhile they are cooking or working there.

4. Correct rendering of colour. A factor to take into account is the colour temperature of luminaires. It has to be colder at the working areas, and warmer at the kitchenette. While cooking, the light should enable us to appreciate accurately the condition of the food and its cooking point.

5. Intensity of light. Lighting has to be adapted to the variable natural light conditions coming through the windows. The luminaires must result neither excessive nor insufficient.

6. Low energy consumption. Try to reduce energy consumption as much as possible with the adequate luminaires. In fact, the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house with the highest electricity consumption.

7. Low heat emission. If your kitchen is small or it is poorly ventilated, choose LED lighting. Consider this fact when installing luminaires in kitchen cupboards, wall cabinets or shelves.

8. Functionality. Both the general and the specific lighting for each one of the areas of the kitchen have to perform their functions.

9. Versatility. The enormous range of activities that can be done at the kitchen requires adaptable lighting solutions. It has to enable us from writing the grocery list to cutting safely small pieces of aliments with our sharpest knife.

10. Aesthetic purpose. Remember that lighting will enhance and intensify the style and decoration of any room, also the kitchen.

Do you want to add any point to have into account in a kitchen lighting project? Explain to us how the kitchen of your dreams is! Looking forward to your comments!

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3 Responses to 10 aspects to consider when creating the perfect kitchen lighting

  1. […] la altura del techo es inferior, lo mejor es aprovechar la luz general de los downlights, como explicamos en uno de nuestros apuntes anteriores. Estos deberán ubicarse estratégicamente […]

  2. […] baño es una de las estancias de la casa que más se reforma juntamente con la cocina. Su uso continuo y las necesidades cambiantes según crecemos o envejecemos también influyen a la […]

  3. Servelis says:

    La cocina hoy en día es casi el corazón de un Hogar, y su iluminación es importante para poder utilizarla y además que sea decorativa. Un buen decálogo, me lo apunto.

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